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Development & transport planning

We have the UK’s largest team of development and transport planners, all dedicated to enabling our clients to create viable and deliverable developments which provide lasting social and environmental improvements.

Bullet NCE’s top ranking transport planning consultancy since 2008
Bullet Development planners for £8bn Earl’s Court scheme

We advise our clients from the earliest stages of development. We can unlock development land previously considered uneconomic or technically challenging, and are proud of our  reputation for working with other professional teams to produce cost-effective, integrated solutions.

Though our pioneering work on applying movement frameworks and street design concepts to masterplans, and our research in transport policy and our intelligent transport system designs, we’re able to create places that respond to the needs of all stakeholders.

We act as strategic advisors and expert witnesses, specialising at all stages from pre-acquisition studies to delivery. Our clients draw on our transport modelling and planning capabilities to deliver evidence to support the planning functions of local authorities and create sustainable transport investment plans.

We also work with the public sector, delivering on policy commitments and funding applications. We create large scale transport models that assist strategic planning decisions and transport investment.

Our interpretation of the latest regulatory requirements, Planning Policy guidelines, knowledge of current best practice and our wealth of technical expertise means we can identify and assess development opportunities that deliver.



Ian Liddell
Ian Liddell Managing Director, Planning & Advisory
+44 20 7314 5036