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Waste management

We are at the cutting edge of waste management, from gasification techniques to clinical waste disposal. We advise governments, investors, developers, utilities and corporations in the UK and internationally on effective waste management.

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The waste sector is changing rapidly, as more waste is directed away from landfill and waste is increasingly viewed as a solution to our ever growing energy needs.

Our approach is to look across all aspects of waste to ensure our solutions deliver the best commercial returns whilst contributing to a more sustainable future.

Our global network of offices means we are familiar with international best practice and all the latest innovations, as well as having an in-depth knowledge of the UK’s waste regulations.

From policy to technology and efficiency

We advise public bodies on regional waste policies, implement waste minimisation programmes for large corporations, design waste strategies for new developments, and design new energy-from-waste facilities or undertaking technical feasibility studies of new waste technologies. 

We have applied our approach to projects such as working with the Retail Supply Chain to reduce glass waste by 10% for the UK beverage sector together with similar cost savings and advising the Welsh Assembly Government on the potential of energy from waste CHP in their region.

A diverse team of experts

Effective waste management goes far beyond site boundaries, which is why we offer services across sustainable transport, planning, permitting, infrastructure delivery, technical due diligence and process engineering. At the Resource Recovery Park at Ince Marshes, for example, we have deployed our skills in both deep water berth design and rail engineering for the transport of waste. Our geotechnical and structural engineers worked together to provide innovative and cost effective solutions for abnormal ground conditions.

We believe that each skill we utilise is of equal importance, and it is the way in which we bring together our services which increases the value we can offer.



Matthew Venn
Matthew Venn Associate Director - E&E
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