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The UK’s property portfolio is brimming with our innovative commercial solutions. Our people are behind the UK’s tallest tower and most sustainable schools, retail that revitalises city centres and work spaces that win awards.

  • Building Information Modelling
    Building Information Modelling

    WSP pioneered the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM). We are now embracing it throughout our business, not j...

  • Computational fluid dynamics
    Computational fluid dynamics

    Our computational fluid dynamics (CFD) specialists apply cutting edge computer modelling techniques to solve complex ...

  • Data centres
    Data centres

    We are at the forefront of delivering resilient, flexible and energy efficient data centres. In partnership or on sin...

  • Acoustics, noise and vibration
    Acoustics, noise and vibration

    Acoustic engineering is the design, analysis and control of sound and vibration.

  • Building services
    Building services

    We have a long history of providing building services to a huge variety of projects across all types of property, ind...


We like to think our clients don’t just come to us because of our great projects, but because we care about what they’re trying to achieve.

Whether we’re advising on project finance, planning developments, designing buildings or finding solutions for existing properties, we’re looking for ways to bring value to our clients and the people and communities that use their properties.



Kamran Moazami
Kamran Moazami Managing Director, Property & Buildings
Philippe Honnorat
Philippe Honnorat Head of Discipline - Building Services