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A day in the life of a WSP apprentice: Marcel Richards

So what can I say about my apprenticeship with WSP so far? Well, since starting with WSP as an undergraduate engineer in the midlands development team the past two and a half years have been an incredible experience.


I originally went to sixth form to study maths, business and economics; before that at GCSE I really loved Geography and maths. But after a year of A-levels, I realised a traditional educational route wasn’t right for me. So I was torn between sticking at it to get a better education that might lead to a great career or jumping straight into work. But then I discovered the apprenticeship programme at WSP that allowed me to do both of these.             

My development in this role and my success studying at Coventry University has only been possible due to the great support I have received from my colleagues whilst on the apprenticeship programme with WSP. From my team members to the learning and development team with Emily Mahoney.

During my career so far I have gained experience within the development infrastructure team assisting engineers in the design of new developments, where I am learning both road and drainage design.

I really enjoy being able to help assist in the design process because it gives me the chance to see how my work is used to complete a project. Seeing an idea transpire into reality is amazing and I get to be part of that process.

As part of my apprenticeship I attend university once a week giving me the opportunity to develop my knowledge and understanding within the industry which is used to help me with my work. So not only am I gaining real life experience and earning money; I will soon have my HNC.

Since joining WSP I have also taken part in several events which are run as part of the apprenticeship scheme, it’s a great way to meet other apprentices. We work on our team building and interaction skills as well as participating in enjoyable activities such as rock climbing.

I’m excited to continue my career with the WSP team. Maybe in 10- years you’ll see me managing some of the great projects and developments WSP works on such as Coventry Train Station.

This blog was written by Marcel Richards, WSP Undergraduate Engineer based in Birmingham.

                                                  Apprentice, Marcel Richards

To find out more about WSP apprenticeships, visit: https://goo.gl/JfNXgz



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