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Career advice: Three good reasons to consider a career change

Making a career change is never easy; otherwise everyone would be doing it. It’s now been three months since I left my public sector role to join Mouchel as a senior air quality consultant, and I’m already feeling the benefits of this career change. In my previous role, I found that my position didn’t evolve over time and there was limited scope to develop my skills or move forward in my career.


While my focus was on delivering services, I was doing the same thing again and again, and often found the work quite restrictive. If, like me, you’re stuck in a job that isn’t you, it’s important to get out of the starting gate to change your career to something you enjoy.

Below are just some of the benefits of change:

New opportunities

Working at Mouchel is both rewarding and challenging; and as someone who loves to be challenged and isn’t afraid of new adventures, every day at work feels like a new beginning. The exposure to a different organisational culture and, most importantly, the opportunity to work directly for a range of clients and fantastic projects - from planning discharge consents to major infrastructure schemes - really motivates me.

Career progression

Having trained and developed my skills at university and over time, I have found that my previous role rarely provided the opportunity to transfer some of these skills into the workplace. Since starting at Mouchel, I have been exposed to a wide range of projects that have already broadened my project management and dispersion modelling skills. There’s also scope to move sideways as well as up. I can already see how my job profile may change as I progress into my career at Mouchel. Best of all, my new role gives me the opportunity to really get involved, liaise with clients and manage the projects I am working on.

Personal growth

The reputation of the employer is a natural consideration when moving into the private sector. Having researched different companies, I found that Mouchel led the way in commitment and investment in its employee training and charterships. I’m happy to say that the company definitely cares about its employees, and since joining I have been made to feel like an asset.

I have found my new colleagues to be both welcoming and supportive during my transition.  The colleagues I have come to know are dedicated, hardworking and professional.  I look forward to getting to know the rest of the team and learning from their experiences.

Making the change from public to private wasn’t easy, but it’s definitely been the right choice for me. It’s always worth taking a moment to reflect on where you are in your career, but if you’re disposed towards more challenging and varied projects and a good work ethic, then companies like Mouchel provide you with some of the best opportunities and challenges. 

If you’d like to take on some ambitious and exciting challenges in 2017 and beyond, we’d like to speak with you in the strictest confidence to understand more about your aspirations. Let’s Talk – register your interest here

Rebecca Shorrock is a senior air quality consultant at Mouchel