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How to kick- start your WSP apprenticeship the right way

Since our apprenticeship programme started back in 2010 things have changed a lot.


Not only are we recruiting more apprentices than ever - from 2016 to 2017 we almost doubled our intake - there are now also many more young people considering this alternative route, making it much more competitive. 

An apprenticeship offers the chance of gaining qualifications, real life experience and earning money. So it is no accident that this is becoming a more popular alternative to university or college. But as more people apply from across the country our interview process has had to adapt and with it comes the rise of video interviews.

These video interviews are just as important as face to face interviews and it’s true what they say - first impressions count. Here are my top three tips to make sure you hit the nail on the head in your video interview:

Dress Smart

You might think that because only your top half will be seen that you can take the route of dressing smart on top but keeping your pyjama bottoms on. But dressing in full smart attire has a “feel good” factor associated, it can make you feel more confident and professional. So hang up those cosy favourites and opt for a smarter option.

Research the company

I remember my old teacher telling me ahead of exams that ‘if you fail to prepare – you prepare to fail’.  Now this remains true with interviews; even video ones.  Make sure you research the company and practice what you have learnt with friends or family. When I speak to prospective apprentices I’m always pleased to hear them drop in company facts, it shows they are interested in WSP and how they can become part of our expert engineering teams that work on amazing projects like the Shard, Crossrail or 22 Bishopsgate.

No Distractions

Before you start the interview make sure that where you’ll be sat, you don’t mind being seen by your potential employers. Something I always think is “if you wouldn’t have it displayed on your desk at work then it might not be appropriate”. Make sure all audio and background sounds are muted as this may distract both yourself and the interviewer.  And finally advise the people in your home when you’re doing the interview so they don’t disturb you – it might not be the best first impression if your mum pops her head around the door asking if you want a brew.

Our school-leaver and degree apprenticeship applications are open - If you’re looking for an alternative route with the chance to work on some of the UK’s biggest engineering projects get in touch now: https://goo.gl/PtYEu6

This blog was written by Katie Savva, WSP Early Careers Recruitment Specialist



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