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Students explore the world of engineering

We hosted 15 year 9 pupils in our Basingstoke office, giving them an insight into the role of an engineer


On October 12, 2017 members of our Basingstoke office hosted a STEM event in conjunction with local youth charity, Basingstoke Consortium. The year nine students from local Bishop Challenor School attended the ‘Step into Engineering’ session, which gave attendees the chance to immerse themselves into a morning of engineering.

The day began with a welcome talk from Technical Director Allan Norcutt who sparked the students interested with some interesting project showcases. Assistant Engineer and STEM coordinator Anya Vincent then led an exercise where students were given an ICE city map and tasked with identifying as many aspects of engineering on it as possible.

Following this, the students were introduced to the project lifecycle in the context of a structure building competition, where the challenge was to launch a ball as far as possible. Participants enjoyed the activity and put key concepts such as team work, communication skills, time management and design to the test.

To finish the morning, Graduate Transport Planner Stephen Folkes delivered a presentation outlining the variety of routes into engineering and options open to the students in the industry. A number of colleagues then assisted in a Q&A session, describing their own journeys and experiences to pupils.

These staff included:

  • Arren Yates (Senior Engineer, Development Infrastructure);
  • Andrew Sturgeon (Senior Engineer, Transport);
  • Lucy Burton Brown (Engineer, Transport Modelling);
  • Jasmine Hope (Assistant Transport Planner);
  • Mark Paine (Junior Technician);
  • Conor Egan (Technician);
  • Phillippa Glennie (Technical Director, Highways); and,
  • Jonathon Allen (Associate Director, Commercial Services)

The event was an overwhelming success, with positive feedback from teachers and students alike. The event was the first of its kind in Basingstoke and will now continue going forward to encourage other local pupils to consider engineering as their profession.

Written by Charlotte Herridge, assistant engineer