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Athena Livesey, an award-winning principal engineering geologist

A principal engineering geologist with ten years’ international experience, Athena has designed and built 60 miles of road across eight multi-award winning schemes from Australia to the UK.

She has recently been recognised for her achievements, making the shortlist for “Best Woman in Highways” at the Women in Construction and Engineering Awards. Athena is a STEM ambassador and works on a company initiative called “Launchpad” where she engages with local schools and parents to change perceptions of STEM careers and to inspire the next generation to pursue a creative, successful and rewarding career in engineering.

Athena said: “My career has taken me to places I could only have imagined when I chose my A-levels, to date I have worked on varied and challenging projects across the globe, in a range of climates, environments and cultures. I’ve had several mentors throughout my career, who have helped me to understand how the business works, advised on technical and key decisions and introduced me to important people, helping me understand that formal networking is important for success. At any stage of development, I advise seeking out a mentor and seizing opportunities because you don’t know where it will take you, who you will meet and what you will learn!”