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Gary McCarthy, Director

Gary heads up our management advisory team where he supports our clients involved in the development, management, funding and investment of privately financed infrastructure and property assets.

As well as leading the team and our strategy, Gary still loves delivering a job and the cut and thrust of negotiating and executing complicated transactions against demanding deadlines. Read about his career journey below and how picturing his ‘end game’ has helped him achieve his goals.

Choose your path 

I decided from an early age what I wanted to do, after working a summer job on a building site, and so I took myself on a path that would get me there. It is really important to set targets for yourself and never stop setting them, even if you have to change course. 

The value of education and with practical experience

I was really keen to start my working career whilst still studying so that when I came out of education I also had years of work experience. This is what has propelled my career to where it is today but this approach doesn’t work for everyone. 

Contacts are for life, not just for projects

I made many of my close professional relationships when I first started out in my career. As you grow and move throughout your career, your relationships with grow as well. They will stand you in good stead if you have invested in them.

That’s what’s great about working at WSP. It’s great to be able to get a call from one of my contacts asking if I know anyone who can help them as they look to finance or invest in new sectors or technically challenging assets. I have always been able to say yes! I am still amazed at some of the knowledge and expertise that we have here.

I know the best is yet to come and I will be part of it

I love that I get to work in a driven atmosphere where you are encouraged to be ambitious. I’m often asked what I’m most proud of about working at WSP and that’s easy - I know the best is still yet to come. Anyone who joins us now will be part of creating things to be proud of.

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