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Ron Slade, Director

A founding member of the team behind many of our structural engineering success stories, Ron is an inspiration to WSP's structural engineers and renowned with clients.

He is extremely passionate about engineering and mentoring and is well known in the industry for his hand drawn sketches that bring a structural design to life.

Ron recently celebrated 50 years with WSP so read on to find out more about his career story.

Immense satisfaction

I particularly like drawing as it helps me to envision a scheme. I would say I ‘construct’ my drawings and use scale rules and tracing paper, they aren’t quite the same as architectural drawings, which are often spontaneous and visionary. I draw cranes on most of my drawings because they are so easy to draw and give a sense of scale, and because they represent the construction industry so well.

I ended up in engineering by a process of elimination

My dad was a builder and always wanted me to become an architect but I decided architecture wasn’t for me. I was reasonably good at maths and science in school and not so good at the arts, although I enjoyed making things and drawing. 

I work with some of the greatest people in our industry

People throughout WSP inspire me. They’re full of energy and enthusiasm. We really do have some exceptional engineers who have a feel for structures, and many are recognised as world authorities on the design of tall buildings.

Most of the senior team I work with have worked for WSP for over 15 years. We get on really well and I think that’s why we’ve stayed together so long. There’s a happy atmosphere and I think it’s a great place to work.