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Victor Parrilla, Senior Consultant

As a senior consultant within our sustainability and climate change team, Victor project manages the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme, a carbon management certification scheme for airports, which we run on behalf of Airports Council International Europe.

Victor works with airports around the globe to help them manage their impact on climate change. He also works with other clients to ensure they’re future ready, by designing strategies to adapt to specific mega trends.

Hear from Victor on how he got where he is today, and what he’s passionate about:

What do you enjoy about working in sustainability?

It’s the ever-evolving nature of sustainability that I really enjoy. Supporting our clients to be ahead of their competitors requires a mix of technical and managerial expertise, and it’s the combination of both that I find most exciting.

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about making a difference, about helping our clients achieve their goals through innovation, and making a positive impact on our planet at the same time. Managing the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme means that I support over 150 airports worldwide in managing their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The programme also allows airports to communicate to the world what they’re doing and gain recognition for it.   

What interests you about working in the aviation sector?

Aviation is a rapidly changing sector. It requires airports, airlines and related organisations to adapt quickly and respond to new market and regulatory demands. It’s the need to move away from business as usual, to constantly look for new solutions that makes aviation an interesting sector to work in.

What’s the most important consideration for the future of aviation?

With the global airline industry continuing to grow rapidly and profit margins remaining slim, the future of aviation rests on cost reduction and revenue growth through better customer interactions. That’s why embedding future ready thinking in infrastructure designs and in organisations’ strategies should be top of the agenda, to ensure that the sector accommodates not only immediate demands, but also long term megatrends.

When did you realise you wanted to do what you do?

I realised I wanted to work in sustainability when I was at college. Constantly hearing in the media about environmental disasters and other problems associated with our human activities, I decided I wanted to focus my career on something as meaningful as helping reverse the situation.   

What did you study and where?

I studied a joint BSc and MSc on Environmental Science and Management in Madrid, and an MA in Environmental Impact Assessment and Management at the University of Manchester.

Why did you join WSP?

Having worked most of my life in small organisations, I decided to move to a large company for a change. I now work in an incredibly inspiring environment, along with colleagues who are well recognised for their expertise in a wide variety of different fields.

How has the company helped you develop in your career?

I’ve had the opportunity to set my own goals and the company has supported me in achieving them. With such a wide range of skills and projects here, there is always the opportunity for everyone to work on something they enjoy, and to grow at the pace they want. I enjoy being constantly encouraged to be innovative and proactive.