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Our culture

We’re a great team

We're passionate about our projects and our people. We learn from each other every day, bringing value to each project for every one of our clients.

Meet our people

Frank talks about finding your own career path, and the importance of technical networks.

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Open and inclusive

We’re a vibrant community of talented professionals, and we foster an open working environment based on passion, trust, unity, caring and innovation. 

Our inclusive working culture supports all of our different perspectives, and means that we can approach each and every project with a wide range of strengths and skills.

“I've become more confident in myself and my capabilities since I started working here, through the support of my line managers and colleagues.”

Samantha, Apprentice in our Edinburgh office

Professional networks

Everyone is invited to take an active role in the business, and our professional networks are one way that you can get involved. Whether you’re interested in corporate and social responsibility, technical leadership or in building up the experience needed to work towards a professional accreditation, there’s a growth network, initiative or online forum for you to tap into.

These local and global networks give you the opportunity to ask questions, share information, expand your contact base and learn from areas outside of your own expertise. You’ll have the chance to create, lead and be a part of some of our most inspiring initiatives.

30 seconds on...

Some of our early career employees talk about their experience of our working culture.

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A culture of innovation

It's the specialist experience of our people, coupled with a culture of knowledge sharing, that drives our ability to innovate. We pride ourselves on our appetite for excellence on every project, large or small.

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Enhancing sustainability

We know that our future world will be very different from today’s in many ways. We have a huge opportunity to make a difference to the environment through the advice we offer to our clients, as well as how we run our own business.

Future Ready, our flagship sustainability programme, aims to provide all of our people with an understanding of how to design projects that are more robust, are ready for future developments, and have a lower whole life cost. We ensure that sustainability is a central consideration for every client from the outset, and is championed by all of our people.

Around the office

The open and friendly environment that forms part of our dynamic culture provides the perfect platform for collaboration and innovation.


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