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Environmental sustainability for leading biopharmaceutical manufacturer

WSP USA has been supporting this confidential biopharmaceutical manufacturing client with its environmental sustainability programs external reporting activities since early 2005.

Our client faces a range of business drivers to improve and report on its environmental sustainability performance. These drivers include cost saving opportunities, potential to attract and retain high quality employees, increasing sustainability legislation, parent company sustainability goals and alignment with core mission and values,

WSP has supported the production of our client’s corporate Sustainability Report, playing a key role in the selection and definition of environmental sustainability and health and safety metrics to be externally reported, collection of data against the metrics, and preparation and editing of qualitative sections of the report. We work with our client to determine and track progress against appropriate environmental sustainability goals and, since its merger with another pharmaceutical company, to evaluate its position with respect to the wider company’s Climate Leaders’ goal and Corporate Sustainability goals. We assist the client to maintain its greenhouse gas emissions inventory, which was verified against the California Climate Action Registry requirements each year between 2005 and 2008. We also assist the client to submit data under the California and Federal Mandatory Reporting Rules for greenhouse gas emissions and are working with the client to establish a plan for participating in the forthcoming California Cap and Trade program. We have supported the client’s implementation of a Enterprise Carbon Accounting system since 2009.