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Hawaii Statewide Storm Water Management Program

After significant improvements, the Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) Highways Division’s storm water management program has become one of the most fully developed and comprehensive in the nation. Storm water management is aimed at flood protection, as well as the reduction of pollution in storm water runoff.

WSP USA was engaged in 2005 to bring the state’s storm water management program into full compliance with federal requirements, in order to protect water quality on the islands and the surrounding waters of the Pacific Ocean. We provided program management and technical services to execute the program’s components. Activities included developing an inventory of storm water facilities; conducting condition inspection and assessment for drainage infrastructure; managing maintenance and construction activities; implementing a water quality monitoring program; conducting erosion control and retrofit studies; developing statewide storm water management and pollution prevention guidelines, criteria and manuals; designing water quality improvement projects; implementing pollution prevention measures; and developing public education and outreach activities.

A critical element of the program is an asset management system launched by our team in 2008. It is GIS (geographic information system)-based, and allows HDOT staff to use a Web browser to view the location of storm water infrastructure and track related data such as its condition, maintenance, and pollution monitoring. The program also included an extensive public outreach component encompassing radio and television spots, a website, and community and school events.