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Injection Wells

Expertise in Design, Drilling and Maintenance of Wells for Storage, Water Supply and Waste Disposal

WSP USA provides a wide range of specialty well services to support hazardous and nonhazardous waste injection, storage, geothermal energy, and in-situ mining activities. Our professionals have the experience and expertise to meet the needs of industrial and commercial clients as well as the demands of state and federal regulatory agencies.

We have permitted, designed, installed, and repaired Class I (hazardous and nonhazardous) waste injection wells, Class II oilfield fluid wells and Class III solution mining wells throughout the U.S. and abroad. Our staff has developed proven project management procedures related to design, installation, workover, and repair projects, and are fully up to date with current technologies. Our designs include multiple downhole safety devices, the use of corrosion resistant alloy (CRA) metallurgies, and other wellbore enhancements required by regulatory agencies for this type of application.

Routine inspection and/or maintenance of the wellhead and tubular components is necessary to keep a well operating safely and efficiently. Typically, regulatory agencies will mandate mechanical integrity tests of an acid gas injection (AGI) well at two- to five-year intervals. We can coordinate the testing and submit the proper forms to the state, or respond to a well operation emergency when needed.

Our drilling engineers are experienced in drilling through difficult underground environments, including thick salt deposits, thick sections of “gumbo” shale, over-pressured zones, lost circulation zones, and underground disposal zones containing 100% waste. We have also permitted, designed, and installed numerous test wells to evaluate site-specific subsurface conditions and gather data to allow for appropriate project design and evaluation of project feasibility.

Injection well

Pioneering Techniques

Our engineers designed and drilled one of the deepest saltwater disposal wells in the world in Western Colorado. This well required the installation of the longest and largest diameter string of Hastelloy C-276 injection tubing in the world. We also installed a string of Zirconium tubing, rarely used in the industry, and designed and installed a Hastelloy "G-3" replacement string. We have been involved in an extended research project associated with the installation of fiberglass tubulars to depths in excess of 10,000 feet. This work has focused on connection design and the installation steps required to eliminate tubing failures, especially at depths below 8,000 feet.

WSP is participating in a number of AGI projects worldwide. Gas processing plants and refineries are turning to AGI wells as modern and efficient alternatives to outdated and expensive sulfur recovery units when removing H2S and SO2 from their products. Typically, large volumes of CO2 that would otherwise be vented to the atmosphere are also injected downhole. Since CO2 is one of the main greenhouse gases, switching to AGI operations positions our clients positively with respect to the environment – as well as their bottom line.


Russell Bentley, Director of Technical Business Development