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Benjamin Franklin Bridge

The Benjamin Franklin Bridge is owned, operated, and maintained by the Delaware River Port Authority. The structure carries Interstate 676 and Route 30 across the Delaware River and joins the cities of Philadelphia, PA and Camden, NJ.

Bullet 100% hands-on bridge inspection
Bullet 7500 ft bridge length
Bullet 1750 ft main span between towers
Bullet 128 ft bridge width

Two high speed PATCO rail lines are carried by the structure. A track is located on both the north and south fascias of the structure with tunnels leading underground at either end of the bridge. On the Pennsylvania side, the structure spans Interstate-95 northbound and southbound, connection ramps for Interstate 676, Delaware Avenue, several local streets, SEPTA’s Market-Frankford Subway Line and DRPA owned/controlled vacant yards. The structure also spans several local streets and DRPA and PATCO maintenance yards in Camden, NJ.

The biennial inspection of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge included all required NBIS inspection tasks as well as NJDOT and PennDOT inventory and Structure Inventory and Appraisal Forms. 100% hands-on inspection was performed on all Fracture Critical Members including deck trusses, floorbeams, girders, suspender ropes and main suspension cables. All anchorage elements were inspected including cable strands, eyebars and saddles. This project also included close coordination with PATCO railroad track activities requiring all inspection activities to be performed under flag protection or track outages. Also performed under this project was the non-destructive ultrasonic testing of all suspended span pins.

The overall length of the bridge from abutment to abutment is approximately 7,500 feet with a main span length between towers of 1,750 feet. The total out-to-out width of the bridge is 128 feet with a total roadway width of 77 feet, 10 inches.