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Brooklyn Navy Yard Naval Hospital Annex


The Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation’s Naval Hospital system includes more than 20 buildings, mostly of historic value, and their surrounding properties. BNYDC is responsible for the building, renovation, rehabilitation, repair and maintenance of these facilities as well as planning for future uses of the space.

WSP USA was engaged to as program manager for inspections to provide a facility assessment and deployed inspection teams of architects, electrical and mechanical engineers. The overall facility assessment and development plan defined immediate actions for specific assets as well as assessed future growth needs within the site. As many of the buildings were built prior to the Civil War, conditions assessment also involved a historical review. Project elements included the development of a building inventory and assessment report; a site assessment and evaluation; recommendations for rehabilitation of facilities; review and oversight of condition reports produced by another consultant for three buildings; and necessary changes to addenda in the original reports. 

Our reports served as a property management tool for the BNYDC while supplying feasibility information for future tenant use. Portions of the site have since been developed into film and television studios.