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Bus Storage, Maintenance, Administrative and Parking Facility

Alexandria Transit Company was operating out of an outdated facility that was unable to meet its daily demands. Plans to expand the fleet required new facilities that would allow for future growth and greater fleet flexibility. A site near the original facility was selected and preliminary designs had been developed.


WSP USA was retained to assist DASH and the City of Alexandria to develop design-build solicitation documents for development of a new bus storage, maintenance, administrative, and parking facility. WSP also assisted in the evaluation and selection process. 

We worked with the client to develop instructions to proposers and selection criteria that was based on achieving “best value” to the City and DASH. This approach brought the project within budget and enabled DASH to get all of the features that it deemed critical to its operations, including indoor, heated bus parking; vehicle lifts in most of the repair bays; and a LEED Silver facility.

The facility was designed to initially accommodate a minimum of 96 buses with expansion to 130 buses in the future.

Business Center Drive was realigned to provide for more area on the site for development of the facility. Buses enter the facility from Business Center Drive and proceed directly into an enclosed, heated parking area. Buses are stack parked no more than 4 deep. Employee parking is provided on the roof deck above bus parking.

The administration offices, transportation, dispatch, and driver areas are located on the second level with direct access to employee parking. Drivers have easy access to the bus parking area.

Maintenance includes 10 maintenance bays, a chassis wash bay, support shops and storage areas, and a parts store room. Fuel and wash facilities are located parallel to the bus parking area with two fuel positions, a drive through bus washer, water reclaim, fare retrieval and related support spaces.