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Charleston Naval Base Container Terminal


PB00106 - Charleston Naval Base Container Terminal

To meet the future needs of port customers, the South Carolina State Ports Authority (SCSPA) is building a new port facility on the south end of the former Charleston Naval Base in North Charleston. WSP USA is providing construction project management and inspection services related to site stabilization and preparation for the container terminal. Designed exclusively for containerized cargo, the $700 million marine terminal will encompass approximately 288 acres  and will support cargo marshaling areas, processing areas and handling facilities.

Phase 1 site preparation includes: clearing and grubbing of 135 acres; excavation of a 20-acre storm water detention pond; installation of 4,167 miles of wick drains; vibro-compaction of 2 million cubic yards of tideland fill material; delivery and placement of 5 million cubic yards of fill/surcharge; construction of a 5,000-foot-long pipe pile and sheet pile containment structure; dredging of over 4 million cubic yards of material; and placing 583,000 cubic yards of buttress and armor rock. The project also entails construction of a 6,000-foot , two-lane roadway with 6,300 linear feet  of ductile iron water main and 6,700 linear feet of sewer force main. 

The three-berth marine container terminal will increase capacity at the Port of Charleston by about 50 percent, enabling the SCSPA to handle the equivalent of 1.4 million 20-foot-long (6.1-meter) shipping containers per year.