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Chelsea Piers

Chelsea Piers Connecticut is a 400,000 sf sports, entertainment and educational facility in Stamford, CT.

Bullet Renovation

The design saved the existing old Clairol factory building from being demolished and ending up in a landfill. An economic solution to remove 23 existing columns was necessary in order to achieve 100 ft column free zones. Leaving the entire roof structure in place, king post trusses constructed out of the in-place existing roof structure allowed for the columns to be cut away.

Leaving the existing beams which formed the top compression chords of the truss in place and using a portion of the existing columns as the king posts, only a relatively small amount of steel had to be added to form the tension cords of the truss. Upgrading of the in-place top chord members was accomplished via composite action with the new concrete slab poured on the existing in-place metal roof deck. Steel angle members were used for the tension chords of the trusses. Although the “off the shelf” structural members remain exposed, they are aesthetically pleasing. Economic and sustainable, the engineering achieved an excellent example of “form following function”.

Client: Chelsea Piers

Architect: James G Rogers Architects



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