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City of Minneapolis Lighting Study


PB0019 - City of Minneapolis Lighting Study

The City of Minneapolis wanted to develop a street lighting visibility standard. Currently, the City of Minneapolis designs street lighting installations to the recommendations of the Illuminating Engineering Society. The City had an interest in improving its street lighting system and were looking for a computer-based analysis tool that would allow comparisons of various options and mounting conditions to see which would provide the best visibility for motorists and pedestrians. The results of this computer modeling would then be tested in the field against an actual installation and judging by an independent jury. Once the model was completed, WSP USA helped the City procure lighting equipment which could improve the overall visibility on the street and become a prototype for a new City standard.

The scope of work was divided into three phases:

  • Phase 1 included the tasks related to the existing conditions such as gathering field data and developing an existing conditions model.
  • Phase 2 included making modifications to the field and model based on feedback from Phase 1.
  • Phase 3 included writing fixture specifications procuring materials.

The modeling tool and methods developed under this contract continue to be used in current research with FHWA on the impact trees and street furniture have on street lighting systems as well as ways to improve pedestrian safety along roadways.