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Co-op City Cogeneration Plant


Co-Op City, Bronx NY

Riverbay Co-op City, a community in the northeast section of the Bronx, is home to approximately 65,000 residents—with 15,372 residential units in 35 high-rise buildings and seven townhouse clusters, as well as retail, houses of worship, day-care centers, and other amenities.

Co-op City’s power plant involves a complex network of interdependent systems with chillers, boilers, and power generation equipment. The overall project objective was to optimize steam and energy utilization by reconfiguring the systems for power and energy generation during peak and off-peak seasons.

As prime consultant, WSP USA provided engineering services for a combined-cycle gas turbine cogeneration plant with two 13-megawatt combustion gas turbine generators and heat recovery steam generators and one 14-megawatt steam turbine and generator replacement. Our role also included: overseeing the refurbishment and conversion of four existing 5,500-ton dual turbine/compressor chillers and one high-pressure packaged type boiler; upgrading the existing plant cooling tower; building ejector pumps; dual temperature distribution system pumps; and central plant heat exchangers.

WSP provided engineering-procurement-construction bid document preparation and construction support and conducted economic evaluations to optimize the plant configuration. Our analyses included strategies for maximum access to grants from sources such as the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority and the New York Independent System Operator.