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Davitt Memorial Bridge Replacement

WSP USA provided complete turnkey design services for this bridge replacement project that is part of Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) Accelerated Bridge Program. The work included the design for the replacement of the 300' long Davitt Memorial Bridge which carries Route 116 (Springfield Street) over the Chicopee River in Chicopee, MA. The project also included the rehabilitation of a second bridge located approximately 250' south of the main structure.


WSP included two Accelerated Construction Techniques (ACT):  1) Replacing existing beams using precast concrete rectangular beams to  accelerate construction and emulate the appearance of the remaining beams on the small bridge rehabilitation. 2) Using full depth precast concrete deck panels for DMB deck that were fabricated with block outs for shear connectors and then post-tensioned together after erection and grouting of the joints between panels.  The blockouts, girder haunches and post-tensioning ducts were then grouted after post-tensioning. 

The Davitt Memorial Bridge carries electric, telphone and cable conduits plus gas and two water mains. WSP successfully coordinated amongst project stakeholders to avoid relocation of lines or service disruption. A temporary bridge was used during construction for utilities, which benefitted pedestrian traffic.

WSP also prepared necessary environmental permit applications and coordinated with permitting agencies and MassDOT Environmental Section.

This project was one of the first within MassDOT to use full depth precast concrete deck panels, which provided valuable details and experience for use on future projects. The completion of the new bridge one year ahead of schedule and within budget was key to MassDOT.