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De Anza College Media and Learning Center

This 52,000 sf, state-of-the-art academic building is located on the main campus of De Anza College. The ventilation design uses 100% outside air, providing excellent air quality for the occupants.

Bullet LEED Platinum
Bullet Buoyancy ventilation system

The project features teaching labs and classrooms, distance learning facilities, a television studio, and two 100-seat lecture halls intended for anthropology, sociology and world languages. The project received a LEED® Platinum certification.

Natural lighting is used to significantly reduce the energy from artificial lighting in the classrooms and atrium. The design incorporates an innovative buoyancy ventilation system to provide heating, cooling and ventilation in classrooms and offices. Air is supplied via downdraft shafts into a raised floor and hot air is passively displaced upwards and out through a central atrium.

The design takes advantage of Cupertino’s relatively mild climate, with external temperatures frequently around the air supply temperature of 65F. Solar thermal evacuated tube collectors are used to provide 40% of the heating hot water demand. The optimized building orientation and external shading control heat gain to reduce cooling energy.