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Detroit Recreation Strategic Master Plan

The Detroit Recreation Department (DRD) developed a strategic master plan to reenergize its parks and recreation centers, which it viewed as economic assets. WSP USA assisted in the master planning process that enabled the DRD to make informed decisions as to the use of existing park assets, develop appropriate funding strategies, and promote the efficient use of resources during capital development.


Detroit Recreation Plan

WSP worked with the DRD to design a system of prototype parks and recreation centers, as well as operation, maintenance, and programming standards tailored to Detroit's size and character. Features included environmentally friendly design, maintenance, and programming that extend the life of facilities.

Our team combined extensive community and stakeholder outreach with a systematic analysis of 10 geographic investment areas, addressing socioeconomic and environmental influences that inform patterns of urban growth and change. Each property was also examined for its ability to meet community and city needs.

The completed plan ensures a proper, equitable distribution of park land and recreation centers throughout Detroit, while improving the DRD's overall service level by increasing the size and quality of its facilities. A repositioning strategy determines the appropriate location of new facilities based on accessibility and convenience, and identifies existing facilities that are inadequate. A phasing plan schedules implementation over a 20-year period, with annual re-evaluations. All of these components will lead to a revamped, more sustainable, and more accessible park and recreation system for the city.