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E-470 Toll Road


E-470 toll road


E-470, a 47-mile-long toll highway connecting Denver’s metropolitan area to the Denver International Airport, was among the first highways in the nation to offer open-road, non-stop, high-speed toll collection.

WSP USA has been involved with E-470 from the beginning, performing initial planning, environmental, and engineering work. In 1997, the Public Highway Authority chose our firm as the contractor for E-470 toll collecting, customer service, and toll violation enforcement. We have been providing operations of the beltway under our subsidiary, Alltech, Inc.

E-470 collects tolls electronically through two systems: EXpressToll and the License Plate Toll system. EXpressToll customers receive a transponder, and tolls are automatically deducted from a prepaid account. Customers using the License Plate Toll system receive a statement for payment that is activated when cameras situated on the road photograph their front and rear license plates. In an effort to improve customer service and employee morale, Alltech, Inc. used statistical analysis and real-time monitoring to enhance the speed and competency of its call center employees who handle telephone inquiries and its toll collectors who, at the time, staffed E-470’s five toll plazas.

The program’s success was recognized in 2006 by the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association with the President’s Award and Customer Service Award for “New Rules for the Road: Improving Performance with Statistical Controls.” E-470 transitioned to all-electronic toll collection on July 4, 2009. In addition to toll operations, Alltech, Inc. staffs and operates the E-470 Safety Patrol, a roadside assistance program for customers traveling E-470. Safety Patrol drivers also assist Colorado State Patrol with incident management and provide litter removal service for the entire toll road. Working in coordination with the Safety Patrol, the E-470 Communications Center, staffed and operated by Alltech, Inc., coordinates accident response, customer assists, and snow removal efforts, and monitors facility and equipment status and alarms.