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Eagle P3 Commuter Rail


31598 - Eagle P3 Commuter Rail Project

The Eagle P3 project is part of the Denver Regional Transportation District’s 12-year, multibillion-dollar FasTracks plan to expand and build new commuter and light rail lines throughout the Denver metropolitan area. As a public-private partnership, it transfers certain construction and operational risks to the private sector.

Denver Transit Partners, which includes our firm as a subconsultant and the systems support and safety and security lead, will design, build, finance, operate and maintain the Eagle P3 commuter rail project, which encompasses the East Corridor, the Gold Line and Northwest Rail. The East Corridor is a 22.8-mile electric commuter rail corridor that runs from Denver Union Station to Denver International Airport. The Gold Line is an 11.2-mile electric commuter rail transit corridor that connects Denver Union Station to Ward Road in Wheat Ridge, Colo. The portion of Northwest Rail included in the Eagle P3 project includes shared tracks with the Gold Line from Denver Union Station to Pecos Street, plus an additional 2 miles north to the South Westminster Station. The project also includes a commuter rail maintenance facility.

Phase I included property acquisition, construction of the East Corridor, construction of the maintenance facility and control center, the purchase of electric multiple unit rail vehicles and the electrical systems at Denver Union Station. Phase II includes the Gold Line and the short segment of Northwest Rail. Phase II began following the award of a Full Funding Grant Agreement of $1.03 billion by the Federal Transit Administration in August 2011. The project is scheduled for completion in 2016.