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Fiberweb Independent Energy Consulting

Fiberweb, a producer of non-woven fabrics for use in hygiene, residential construction and industrial products, engaged WSP USA to provide management consulting and oversight for the selection and contracting of environmentally safe, high quality power services through a design-build-operate-maintain contract for a new central utility plant.


WSP undertook facility energy assessments, review of previous utility service proposals, plant configuration and economic analysis, design basis documentation, and review of the existing boiler and chiller plant owned by a third party utility supplier for potential purchase. We studied several options for the central utility plant, including two cogeneration options and one thermal-only (boilers and chillers with no power generation) plant. After performing an economic comparison using current and projected utility rates, we recommended that Fiberweb pursue a thermal-only plant.

We developed a conceptual design for a plant consisting of three 85,000-pound-per-hour (PPH) watertube boilers with an operating pressure of 185 pounds per square inch (PSI); two 6,000-PPH boilers with an operating pressure of 250 PSI; and three 3,000-ton electric-driven centrifugal chillers and associated cooling towers, pumps and ancillary equipment. In conjunction with Fiberweb’s legal counsel, we developed a request for proposal and an energy services agreement to have a third-party build-own-operate the new central utility plant. We assisted Fiberweb in identifying responsible energy services companies, reviewed and evaluated the proposals, and recommended a preferred energy service company (ESCO). Following ESCO selection, we assisted Fiberweb in contract negotiations, reviewed the detailed design of the central utility plant by ESCO’s engineer, reviewed commissioning procedures, performed site visits, and developed the project punch list. The entire project, from initial feasibility to commercial operation, was completed in only 18 months.