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Genzyme was making improvements to the facility and decided to use 3D Laser Scanning and BIM to document portions of the existing facility that contained the manufacturing system to facilitate the design and construction coordination efforts

Bullet 3D Laser Scanning
Bullet BIM
Bullet Existing Conditions Survey

WSP USA was contracted to conduct a 3D Laser Scanning survey for manufacturing and non-manufacturing areas and within the Allston Landing Building. An existing conditions survey was performed for the interior and exterior of the facility. The 3D Laser Scan survey data was used to develop an existing conditions model of the structural, architectural and MEP components on the facility. 

High definition, accurate point data and digital image data set of the existing structural, architectural and MEP details in the existing space was collected and the model was created and used as a basis for design and construction coordination. The BIM was created and organized into Structural, Architectural and MEP components. The model facilitated the design and construction coordination efforts.