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Grand Central Terminal

The leak remediation project was located under the city streets and buildings immediately north of Grand Central Terminal (GCT) in New York City. The project extended on Park Avenue from 46th Street to 56th Street in the populated urban environment of New York City. High rise office, commercial, and hotel buildings comprised the majority of property in the area around the project limits. Below the streets and buildings are Metro-North’s GCT upper level tracks and train platforms.

Bullet Construction supervision and inspection
Bullet Improvements to vehicular signal and pedestrian crossing
Bullet Upgrades to comply with codes

The project involved removal of existing street light and signal poles and replaced with the new one meeting the latest specifications; placement of pedestrian ramps with embedded detectable warning surface; protection of railroad traffic under the Park Avenue during construction; repair/replacement of existing deteriorated structural steel supporting the sidewalk and posts; placement of new structural slab, water proofing and topping slab; installation of new street signs; protection of vehicular traffic and pedestrians; landscaping, street paving and street stripping.

WSP USA was responsible for the construction supervision and inspection services including on-site construction inspection - including review, approval and monitoring of temporary column supports and jacking operations, monitoring the de-leading and Class A containment system as column basis, daily monitoring of contruction activities to ensure compliance with contract plans and specifications, record keeping, shop drawing review, and as-built preparation.