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Honeycutt Creek Greenway

The City of Raleigh, NC proposed Honeycutt Creek Greenway, approximately 6 miles and included 30 proposed stream crossings and 13 proposed roadway crossings, would provide a connection across Interstate 540 and between the City and Falls Lake to the north.

Bullet Project Management
Bullet Surveying
Bullet Pedestrian Crossing Design
Bullet Hydraulic Design

The scope of the project included project management, surveying, coordination of natural systems and geotechnical services, alignment design, pedestrian crossing design and hydraulic design. WSP USA also implemented a Public Information Program to meet the needs of the City in terms of coordination with the impacted property owners and getting buy in from important stakeholders, including a public school. 

The trail meanders along the floodplains on Honeycutt Creek and East Fork Mine Creek.  Both streams have been studied by detailed methods and have regulatory floodways. Multiple bridge crossings required new detailed studies to evaluate impacts to flood elevations. Portions of the trail were within Zone 1 of the Neuse River buffer. This required significant permitting considerations. 

Additionally, we worked with the Stormwater Division to coordinate the interaction of the trail with an on-going stream restoration project and to establish criteria for design data that allowed for efficient integration with the existing Stormwater Inventory Database, helping the City save time in their efforts to maintain the most up-to-date information.