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Hoover Dam Bypass

The Hoover Dam Bypass is a 3.5-mile corridor on U.S. 93 beginning in Clark County, Nevada, crossing the Colorado River approximately 1,500 feet downstream of the Hoover Dam, and terminating in Mohave County, Arizona. As a member of the construction management team, WSP USA assisted in construction management and design support of the bypass and also provided construction engineering and inspection services throughout the construction phase of the project.


Hoover Dam Bypass

The central portion of the $240 million Hoover Dam Bypass Project was a 1,900-foot-long composite concrete arch steel deck bridge (the Mike O’Callaghan—Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge) with a main span of 1,060 feet, making it one of the largest concrete arch bridges in the world. The arch was constructed using a temporary cable-stay construction sequence, which involved coordination and management using an integrated engineering approach among the contractor, engineer and owner. 

WSP assisted the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) with daily oversight and management of the project, staffing/team building, budgeting, scheduling, engineering coordination, constructibility reviews, contract development, environmental mitigation, contract compliance/modifications, labor compliance, project administration, public relations, and partnering. WSP also supported the FHWA with the interface of multiple stakeholders to assure smooth progress of construction and coordinated activities with all project stakeholders. 

The new route improves a major commercial corridor among Arizona, Nevada, and Utah; removes the existing potentially dangerous highway geometry; and protects the natural and manmade resources at Hoover Dam.