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Intercounty Connector

Designated as a top transportation priority by the state of Maryland, the 18-mile Intercounty Connector (ICC) is a east-west tolled highway north of Washington, DC.


Intercounty Connector, Maryland

WSP USA, in joint venture, is providing general engineering consulting (GEC) services to the State Highway Administration (SHA). GEC work involves planning support until a Record of Decision is signed; development of plans and specifications up to 30 percent completion; advertising the entire corridor as a design-build contract; and construction management and construction engineering and inspection services during the construction phase.

The ICC will link existing and proposed development areas between the I-270/I-370 and I-95/U.S. 1 corridors within central and eastern Montgomery County and northwestern Prince George's County with a state-of-the-art, multimodal east-west highway that increases community mobility and safety; facilitates the movement of goods and people to and from economic centers; provides cost-effective transportation infrastructure; helps restore the natural, human and cultural environments from past development impacts in the project area; and advances homeland security by providing additional mobility.

The ICC is divided into five contracts: Contract A, which opened to traffic on February 23, 2011, extends 7 miles (11.3 kilometers) between I-370 and MD 97 (Georgia Avenue) in Montgomery County. Contract B, which opened to traffic on November 22, 2011, extends from MD 97 to U.S. 29 (Columbia Pike). Contract B is considered the most environmentally sensitive stretch of the ICC and features special elements to avoid, reduce and mitigate impacts on the natural environment. Contract C, which also opened on November 22, 2011, extends 3.7 miles (5.9 kilometers) between U.S. 29 and I-95. Contract D/E will consist of collector-distributor roads along I-95 and will include the extension of the ICC from the eastern terminus of Contract C to an at-grade intersection at Virginia Manor Road.

Symbolizing the client’s commitment to the environment are 63 environmental stewardship projects that will address environmental stresses caused by past development in the area.