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Kenmore City Hall

The new Kenmore City Hall replaced the current facility located in an old drive-through bank. The facility includes City Council Chambers, an executive sessions room, a large community room, and City administration offices. It is an “essential facility” designed to a higher seismic performance than standard buildings, and includes an emergency generator.

Bullet 22K SF
Bullet $13 construction cost
Bullet LEED Gold
The Council Chambers and executive session room are intended to function as an emergency operation center. Additionally, the Council Chambers and community meeting room will serve as a resource to the residents of Kenmore for community and club events.
 There is one level of below grade parking that includes 36 parking stalls, archives storage, and bicycle storage. The city administration office space utilizes an under floor air delivery system (UFAD) which supplies air at the floor closer to the occupied zone and reduces energy by not having to force air from the ceiling to the occupied zone.  This results in less fan energy for the City Hall also the UFAD systems allows for the supply air to be at a higher temperature of 62F instead of the traditional 55F since the air is introduced to the space closer to the occupied zone. Another interesting design feature is the use of operable windows in the city administration space. The operable windows are operated manually by the office occupants but red/green indicator lights are located near the perimeter that are controlled by the Building Management System to let the occupants know when it is applicable to open the windows. 
When the outdoor air temperatures can allow for 100% air economizer the green indicator lights turn on and the HVAC system shuts down. The occupants then open the windows based on the green lights to provide ventilation and cooling air from the operable windows. The roof of the City Hall is interesting because it contains two interesting design features, a green roof and a solar photovoltaic array. The roof above the City Council chambers and community room is a green roof with 12” of soil with drought resistant plants. The roof above the city administration office contains a 9KW solar PV array that provides 2.5% of the building demand which is about 10,500 kWh a year. The lighting design system provides flexibility of use to allow for a varied range of community uses. The Exterior night time view was carefully considered to provide an inviting and iconic building at the center of Kenmore. Artwork is illuminated by carefully placed art uplights and accentlights. The installed lighting power density for the project is 25% less than the LPD allowed by the strict Washington State Energy code. The project design gained a LEED Gold Rating with 45 credits