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Letterman Digital Arts Center

A vision to create the next generation digital arts entertainment industry hub in Northern California was brought to life with the creation of the Letterman Digital Arts Center (LDAC).

Bullet 900K SF
Bullet $350M construction cost
Bullet LEED Gold

The digital arts campus serves as a home to Lucasfilm Ltd. and a handful of related companies, while also housing a variety of industry related groups.

Four main buildings totaling 900,000 sf of office space are located above a 700,000 sf underground parking garage. The campus also includes 23,000 sf of food service space, two screening rooms, a fitness center, daycare and normal building support spaces.

During the Master Plan phase, WSP USA provided energy-efficient strategies which impacted the site survey. Additionally, we provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection and telecommunication design services. A raised floor was designed to accommodate for air, power and data distribution.

The project incorporated numerous innovative engineering solutions, such as:

  • Natural ventilation utilizing operable windows and strategically located vent stacks

  •  Underfloor air distribution to maximize user flexibility, energy efficiency and improved IAQ, as well as greater ability for ‘workplace customization’

  • Advanced dimming systems throughout the office areas for improved rendering station VDT acuity

  • Automatic lighting control systems

  • A central cooling plant using an innovative variable pumping system and low energy cooling towers

  • Automatic building controls that have five levels of automatic/manual load shedding

  • Detailed DOE2.1 energy modeling used to assess conceptual design options and to validate design requirements

This project represents exemplary performance on a truly integrated basis – by marrying architecture, thermal and visual comfort, structure, and landscape, coupled with an exceptional natural environment – to result in a superior facility. The facility was certified LEED Gold by the U.S. Green Building Council.