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Long Island Jewish Health System

North Shore/Long Island Jewish Medical Center is an 829-bed voluntary, non-profit tertiary care teaching hospital.

Bullet 10K ton plant
Bullet $24M construction cost
Bullet Cogeneration

The Medical Center’s facilities include: a pediatric hospital, a psychiatric hospital and adult care hospital with advanced diagnostic, treatment and surgical capabilities. The Medical Center expanded their facilities from 900,000 square feet to 1,600,000 square feet. WSP served as the prime consultant for the design of each of the new buildings as well as the new 10,000-ton, 156,000 lbs/hr high pressure central plant. The facility provides steam, cooling and power to the newly integrated space. 

This project was awarded $2,700,000 in incentives by the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NSYERDA) for its innovative energy conservation approach.

Fuel Diversity

The plant has both electric and steam turbine drive centrifugal refrigeration. Steam can be produced using oil or gas. Refrigeration is produced using the lowest cost fuel.

Cogeneration Plant

Two 1500 kW gas engines generate all electric power needed for the new central plant including electric centrifugal chillers, pumps, cooling towers, auxiliaries and lights. Heat recovered from gas engines provides hot water to pre-heat steam condensate return and steam to supplement the campus steam needs.

Unique Attributes of the project include:

  • Increased reliability, utility/fuel flexibility
  • $62,000,000 in cumulative savings over 25 years
  • Increased operating efficiencies
  • Reduced maintenance and emissions
  • 6 Mw central emergency/standby power