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Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

The $80M Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health is a remarkable feat of architectural and engineering mastery.


Architect Frank Gehry’s design is split into two distinct wings, representing the logical and creative aspects of brain function. The “logical” 4-story north wing, containing clinical facilities for Alzheimer's patients,  neuroimaging suites and clinical research, is formed of a tapering stack of splayed and chamfered rectangular boxes, clad in white render with glazed recesses. Meanwhile the south wing, reflecting creative thought, is a sculptural stainless steel and glass structure, housing a large atrium used for public education and fundraising events.

The Clinic building has a steel frame and composite concrete and metal deck floors, while a distinctive curved trellis cantilevers off the south side of this north wing to mark the transition between the two buildings of the complex. The structural system of the south wing ‘Keep Memory Alive Event Center’, is comprised of a prefabricated structural steel shell (panelized steel grid system). Although supplemented by two internal built-up steel plate ‘tree’ columns, the entire system is mostly self-supporting, making possible the large column free space of the interior atrium.

Building Information Modeling was invaluable for coordinating the engineering and architectural design requirements. WSP USA's engineers used “Digital Project”, a 3D BIM package by Gehry Technologies.

Client: University of Nevada School of Medicine / Keep Memory Alive Foundation
Architect: Gehry Partners, LLP



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