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Moodna Viaduct

The Moodna Viaduct is a 100 year old 3,201 foot long railroad trestle viaduct which carries Metro-North’s Port Jervis Line over the Moodna Creek Valley in Orange County, NY and is oriented east to west. The viaduct has 53 open deck spans which are supported by 26 towers. Each tower consists of 4 steel columns. The north columns have steel roller pin expansion bearings at their bases while the south columns have fixed steel bearings. Each column is anchored to an individual concrete pedestal footing with 2 steel anchor rods


The main thrust of the rehabilitation was to replaces 5 of the most severely deteriorated concrete pedestals in-kind as well as clean, paint and replace the steel column bases, bearings and anchor rods. At each repair location, the column was jacked and temporarily supported. Since live load had to be maintained during construction, the temporary column supports, installed at each of the 5 repair locations, were capable of supporting 120 kips of DL + 250 kips of LL.

The existing lead paint at the base of each column was removed using abrasive blast cleaning with a Class A containment system.

WSP USA was responsible for the construction supervision and inspection services including on-site construction inspection, schedule monitoring, record keeping, shop drawing review, and as-built preparation.