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National Grid

To assist National Grid with the development and improvement of their assets throughout New England and New York, WSP USA provides on-call geospatial services, utilizing the full range of our diverse and innovative geospatial services.


The transmission, distribution and real estate group have all used our aerial mapping, terrestrial LIDAR and land surveying services. WSP assisted National Grid with developing CAD standards and plan formats.

Services provided include:

  • Right-of-Way determination for transmission and distribution line corridors
  • Permanent monumentation including installation of FENO monuments for abandoning transmission line Right-of-Ways
  • Existing Conditions surveys for Electrical Sub-Station Improvements
  • Aerial Mapping, Digital Orthophotos and Existing Conditions surveys for Transmission and Distribution line planning and design
  • As-Built Surveys using Terrestrial LIDAR for Control Houses and Yards of Electrical Sub-Stations
  • As-Built Surveys using Terrestrial LIDAR for Electrical Transmission Towers