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New York City Schools Capital Improvement Program


NYC Schools Capital Improvement Program

The New York City Department of Education runs the largest public school system in the U.S., with an infrastructure of 1,400 schools and a student enrollment exceeding 1.1 million. The School Construction Authority builds new public schools and manages the upgrades and renovations of large capital construction projects in the city.

The agency is spending more than $11 billion during a 5-year program to create new, expand, maintain and upgrade existing facilities through capacity and capital improvement projects that encompass building new schools, exterior and interior building upgrades and other necessary repairs and maintenance, including alterations to roofing and parapets, window replacement, masonry restoration, boiler upgrades and replacements, mechanical/electrical/plumbing system upgrades, and architectural restoration.

WSP USA is providing project and construction management services during these extensive capital improvement and capacity augmentation programs. The firm’s areas of operation include the boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. Project management services include contract administration; developing and monitoring the master schedule and budget; soliciting bids; performing design reviews and value analyses; processing change orders; claims analysis and negotiation; and project close-out assistance.We are also providing design-build services for the infrastructure required to install transportable classroom units.