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Newport Pell Bridge

The Newport Pell Bridge, managed by the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority (RITBA), crosses the east passage of the Narragansett Bay between Newport and Jamestown, RI. The bridge carries the four lanes of vehicular traffic of RI State Route 138 and was opened on June 28, 1969.

Bullet In-depth structural integrity inspection
Bullet NBIS criteria
Bullet 100% hands-on inspection
Bullet Documentation/reporting

The Newport Pell Bridge is an 11,248 foot long structure which includes a suspension bridge section consisting of a 1,600 foot long main span and two 687 foot long side spans. The remainder of the bridge consists of various superstructure types including continuous and simply supported steel deck truss spans, built-up steel plate girder spans, steel multi-stringer spans and prestressed concrete beam spans. The supporting substructure consists of steel towers for the suspension spans as well as reinforced concrete piers, abutments and anchorages, founded on caissons, piles and spread footings. The main suspended span provides a vertical clearance of 205.8 feet above mean high water within the 1,000 foot wide navigational channel.

As part of this contract, WSP USA performed in-depth structural integrity biennial inspections in accordance with NBIS criteria including 100% hands-on inspection of the fracture critical components of the entire structure and visual inspection of all other structural elements. We also prepared and submitted all required inspection reports, documentation and coding of the structure, providing advice and recommendations to RITBA as to the proper repair and maintenance of the bridge and recommendations regarding funding requirements for future maintenance purposes.