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North Carolina Department of Transportation

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) awards on-call National Bridge Inspections Standards Regulation (NBIS) bridge inspection contracts statewide. Under these agreements, we perform field inspection, analysis and rating; evaluate the physical condition; and recommend maintenance needs statewide. Additionally, WSP USA prepares reports with inspection notes, photographs, and analysis computations.


In addition, our firm is providing turnkey services for five NCDOT bridge replacement projects in Moore County. The bridges are being replaced using NCDOT’s Low Impact Bridge Replacement Guidelines. We are providing surveying, bridge hydraulics, structure design, roadway design, drainage design, work zone traffic control, utility coordination and engineering, right-of-way acquisition services, and geotechnical investigations. Hydraulics modeled a “no-rise” condition on four of the five projects. The fifth will require a Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) due the bridge being replaced on new location upstream from the existing bridge. This project also requires 1,700 lf of roadway approach work. Roadway approach work on the other projects was kept to a minimum to comply with the Low Impact Bridge Replacement Guidelines.

We also have a Structures Design Limited Services on-call contract with NCDOT, including the design of replacement bridges in Scotland, Alleghany, and Union Counties. The bridges are multiple-span pre-stressed concrete girder and concrete deck structures on future interstate and other state roads and include preliminary design, final design and contract drawings for each project.