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One Devonshire Place


As cities become ever more dense the integration of transportation and architectural design becomes more challenging, and now more necessary with the movement toward transit oriented development.

The owner initiated remodeling of this air rights project, the residential tower over Devonshire Place to make the property more competitive with several thousand new units of housing committed or under construction in Boston. The Ruben Companies engaged WSP USA as lighting consultant. We designed new indirect lighting to make the road and plaza space feel bigger and brighter, new downlighting to fit in the structure, edge lighting of the new glass canopy, and a color changing decorative element at the entry. The light sources are all light emitting diodes (LED), preferred for their long life and small size. 

WSP USA assisted the architects in detailing fixtures into the existing aluminum cladding system. The new LED downlights use remote drivers so that each luminaire can fit in the space available between the cladding and the beam inside. The indirect fixtures, normally suspended, were specified to be mounted from below. 

Existing sconces were refitted with new covers and more efficient versions of the original fluorescent and halogen lamps.

The design continues into the vestibule with LED recessed downlights and complements the architectural idea of transparency and a bright, welcoming atmosphere.