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Park Avenue Bridge

The Park Avenue Bridge (also known as South First Avenue) carries vehicular and pedestrian traffic over four Metro-North New Haven Line tracks at Mile Post 13.79 (NH 13.79) in the City of Mount Vernon, NY. The bridge is a 245-foot long two span bridge built in 1893. It is oriented in the north-south direction and the tracks below are oriented in the east-west direction.

Bullet Resident Engineering
Bullet Construction Inspection
Bullet Federally funded project

The bridge was closed to traffic and the two-span superstructure was replaced with a new three-span continuous steel multi-girder superstructure. A new pier was constructed between the south abutment and the pier to create the third span. The abutments and pier were rehabilitated to support the new superstructure. 

The superstructure replacement involved the following major activities:

  • Temporary relocation of existing utilities
  • Setting up the detour route, closing the bridge to traffic and implementation of the detour plan
  • Removal of the existing superstructure including the truss span over the tracks
  • Construction of the new pier
  • Rehabilitation of the existing substructure to accommodate the new superstructure
  • Installation of concrete deck, parapet wall and other safety features on the bridge
  • Construction of the bridge approaches including, minor roadway resurfacing, guide rail improvements and utility work
  • Installation of utilities on the bridge.
  • All project records were maintained in accordance with NYSDOT MURK Construction Inspection Manual