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Pier G Mega-Terminal


70835 - Pier G, Mega Terminal, Port of Long Beach

The Port of Long Beach in Long Beach, California, operates one of the world's largest and busiest seaports, containing more than 7,600 acres of wharves, cargo terminals, roadways, rail yards and shipping channels—as well as a total two-way trade value of an estimated $264 billion. This already teeming harbor has now grown even larger, as the Port has developed five new mega-terminals as part of a 10-year, $1.9 billion program. 

For the Pier G Mega-Terminal, we performed program management at the 300-acre site, including design oversight and construction permitting. The firm also provided construction management services for wharf, landfill, back area, dredging and secondary gate expansion work for Phase 1 of the four-phase improvement project. Components included a secondary gate and a wharf. The secondary gate was completed in March 2003, while construction on the new wharf and container terminal backlands project was completed in December 2003. 

Facilities included buildings, wharfs, container storage, high-voltage power distribution, on-dock rail, utilities and automated gates. The emphasis on work phasing has allowed for construction to be completed even as usual port activities continue.

Additionally, we managed development of cold ironing facilities, where berthed ships are supplied with shore-to-ship power, eliminating the use of emission-producing shipboard generators while at the berth.