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Ragon Institute


The Ragon Institute established its corporate headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts to research diseases of the immune system and had a reception and conference center built to facilitate its collaborative efforts. The suite of spaces can host conferences, receptions, and exhibits while also accommodating administrative staff. 

A sunny reception area greets visitors at the main entrance. Curving partitions and shaped ceilings encourage movement through the suite. Wall wash lighting makes the exhibit area feel bright with displays or with only the formed wood panels. Illuminated ceilings give a feeling of spaciousness and provide diffuse fill light. A preset scene system adjusts the lighting on command for receptions, art exhibits or video presentations by day or by night.

The auditorium with loose seating serves as the central venue for meetings, lectures and receptions. Linear lensed fixtures provide diffuse illumination on participants’ faces in video conferences, while recessed downlights supply light for note taking, either alone or together with the other light sources. Circular coves accent the rich wood soffits. At the windows translucent curtains and blackout shades control daylight and views in layers. A sophisticated electronic dimming system allows separate control of the linear fixtures, downlights, cove, curtains and shades to support a tremendous range of situations. These can include video recording with all lights on full for the camera, video conferencing with zones adjusted to keep the screen visible, a marquee guest with no audio-visual aids, and a presentation with a slide show or video on the screen while guests take notes. Detailed design and control combine to ensure visitor comfort.