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Rockland County Traffic Signals

Traffic congestion is a growing problem faced every day by drivers and confronted regularly by transportation professionals and local government officials. Rockland County, in conjunction with the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC), administered a federally-funded project to address two critical symptoms of traffic congestion: vehicle delay and vehicular pollutant emissions.

Bullet Data collection & analysis
Bullet Traffic signal retiming

This study proposed to optimize timing for the existing traffic signal equipment at each intersection and to identify locations where upgraded equipment and improved geometry could produce additional benefits. The study evaluated 101 signalized intersections for the three towns and four villages that participated in the project. While the project was managed by Rockland County, the intersections are under the municipalities’ jurisdiction and are part of the NYMTC’s Best Practice Model Network.

The study included: traffic counts and geometric inventory; equipment inventory; Synchro modeling of existing and proposed conditions with optimized timings; calculation of vehicular emissions using a NYMTC – approved methodology; and cost estimates for recommended improvements. The data was stored in a GIS database that is accessible for use by the participating municipalities. Regional benefits were achieved from the signal timing/operation improvements suggested by WSP USA.