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Route 6 Bridge Replacement over Abandoned PCRR

This project involved the replacement of the structurally deficient NYS Route 6 Bridge over the Abandoned Penn Central Railroad.


The existing structure consisted of a three-span simply supported steel multi-girder bridge on concrete piers and abutments. The bridge was replaced with a new “buried structure” consisting of a new precast concrete box culvert and T-wall® retaining wall units. The structure was installed using staged construction techniques so as to minimize disruption to the traveling public. The culvert was designed to accommodate the future Putnam County Bikeway, which has subsequently been constructed on the abandoned railroad bed. The bikeway was designed and let by Putnam County.

This project required significant coordination of three separate but overlapping projects: the Route 6 Bridge Replacement Project; the Putnam Bikeway Project; and the Fairways Development Project. 

This project also included the widening of NYS Route 6 within the project limits to accommodate a proposed left-turn lane, a pedestrian sidewalk and a new traffic signal. These improvements were required due to the construction of the Gateway Summit and the Fairways Development Project whose new entrance is located within the project limits of the bridge.

WSP USA was responsible for Design Phases I-VI, which included field survey; data collection; preliminary engineering; detailed design and construction support services. Project included Right-of-Way Acquisitions in the form of temporary easements and fee takings.  This project required extensive coordination with Putnam County Division of Planning, the Town of Carmel, and Camarda Realty Investments.