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Shore Road Circle Bridge

The complete replacement of the existing Shore Road Circle Bridge over Amtrak in Bronx, NY, required phased construction to maintain vehicular and railroad traffic throughout construction. The new single span structure replaced the existing two span structure, and included new concrete footings, abutments, wingwalls, steel girders, and a reinforced concrete deck. In addition, the new structure included a new reinforced concrete parapet with protective barrier, new steel faced curbs, concrete sidewalks, and new conduits, high voltage street lights, and traffic signals.


Special maintenance and protection of traffic provisions were incorporated into the contract to ensure that access to City Island was not hindered. The construction was split into five distinct phases, with various different maintenance and protection of traffic (MPT) schemes, to maintain the smooth flow of traffic. All existing utilities, both private and public, were replaced or relocated.

Administration of this construction work also required extensive coordination with the Amtrak, local community boards, private utility companies, the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, the Department of Street Lighting and the Bureau of Traffic Operations, Division of Signals and Lighting.