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Space Assessment Survey-NYC School Construction Authority


WSP USA, as the lead in a joint venture, was contracted by the New York City School Construction Authority (NYC-SCA) to provide a space assessment survey for all school facilities throughout the city. This is an expansion of the four-time Building Conditions Assessment Survey project.

The space assessment survey involved 14 inspection teams performing a detailed space analysis of over 1,100 SCA assets. Using handheld tablet computers and laser devices, our teams measured and recorded the square footage of all rooms. The computers were enhanced with an SCA-designed application that would provide the inspection teams with easy access to the previous Principal Annual Space Survey (PASS) report. The new inspections helped to ensure that SCA records reflected any changes made at the school level—of particular importance given the age of some facilities and changing needs in individual schools. This database served as a tracking system for all separately generated reports (one for each asset inspected). Because the initial data was generated using varying methodologies, we identified the magnitude of change in each room’s square footage; rooms with a multiplier higher than 1.5 between the smallest and largest value were marked for further review and field verification.

Additional responsibilities included scheduling and communication with school principals and custodians; field verification; data management; quality assurance/quality control; and final reports.

Inspections began in October 2014 and were completed in February 2015. The information gathered supports several initiatives for the SCA including program management, allocations for space planning, addressing overpopulation in school classrooms and managing school expectations.